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  1. Product Highlights
    • Comfort and supportive foam: the fold up bed mattress features a 2-layer design that includes gel-infused memory foam and high-density support foam. the combination creates a medium-firm that balances the comfort and support and keeps its shape even after long-term use.
    • Multifunctional foldable mattress: are you still worrying about your friends staying overnight in your home but not having a suitable place to sleep? kingfun portable bed is the ideal solution for temporary sleeping accommodation. it is convenient for you to move these folding beds anywhere with the handle design. whether it is for guests staying, camping, traveling, yo...
    • Save more space: the folding design saves more space in your home. it can be folded into a compact size and put into the included travel bag for space-saving, you will never have to worry about running out of space again! compare with other bed foldable mattresses that sell travel bags separately, our folding mattress comes with a high quality travel bag!
    • Upgraded breathable cover: the memory foam floor mattress is 4''thick, soft, breathable, and quick to fold. we use a double breathable design that combines bamboo fiber fabric and meshes fabric. the non-slip cloth at the bottom of the camping foldable mattress can keep you from moving during use, and the high-quality zipper on the back is smooth and durable.
    • Package contents and services: with the purchase of the kingfun portable mattress, you will not only receive a roll up mattress but also a travel bag for storage and carry. if you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will find the best solution for every customer.
  2. Product Highlights
    • 【high-quality crafted】this full bed for kids is crafted with premier quality in mind, the house full bed is made of high-quality pine wood and mdf, the house bed full is durable and can keep serving your kids as they growing up. note:slats are not included, you need to prepare box springs or foundations.
    • 【overall dimension】78” x 56.4” x 68.6”(l x w x h). weight capacity: no limit. this wood house bed full size will come in 1 package with clear instructions and each accessory part ,so the fulll house bed frame is easy to assemble without taking too much time.customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, please contact us if you have any questions.
    • 【creativity house bed design】the shape of the eaves, simple and interesting appearance gives your creativity free reign ,our montessori floor bed is perfect for girls and boys to make up their own theme or to keep it beautifully simplistic. your kids will have their own private space where they can play hide and seek with their friends or siblings, just infuse the trend...
    • 【safety & better sleeping environment】this low profile of the floor bed for kids which is easy to get in and out, house bed full size with fence and a sturdy pine frame ,this kids full bed offers a safe space . thanks to the semi-enclosed space, your kids will have their own sleeping space that affords a comforting atmosphere for better sleep.
    • 【box spring needed 】the full size bed frame is constructed with a sturdy pinewood frame that can enhance stability and durability. slats are not included, you need to buy extra box springs or a foundation.
  3. Product Highlights
    • 【multi-usage floor bed】: this elegant full size floor bed features low height which allow your kids get in or out easily. you can use it both as a bed and as a playhouse as well! let your kids have fun in their room. thanks to the wooden bed frame's cute fence railings design, your little munchkins can use the frame as a playhouse and play pretend.
    • 【designed for better sleep of your kids】:our full floor bed create a semi-enclosed space for kids to explore their imaginations, and also our house bed for kids/toddlers created a comforting atmosphere for better sleep while not sacrificing air circulation. sweet dream and amazing day started with our fun kids bed.
    • 【fun floor beds for kids】:this wooden floor bed frame has a circle of fences. there is a small door that can be opened and closed, which increases the interest of the bed and creates a more safety sleeping space.
    • 【high-quality crafted】this wood full size floor bed for kids is crafted with premier quality in mind, the full kids bed is made of high-quality pine wood and mdf, all of the wood pieces have a smooth, splinter-free finish on all sides.the floor bed toddler is durable and can keep serving your kids as they growing up.
    • 【no box spring needed】the full size playhouse bed is composed of 7 strengthened plywood slats, and gives a strong support and enough tenacity to the mattress, so no worry when your kids play and sleep on it. the full size floor bed frame comes in 1 package with clear instructions and hardware that will guide you through all the steps. if there is any part missing or dam...
  4. Product Highlights
    • 【full size bed with roof and fence】this low profile of the montessori full bed which is easy to get in and out, full size bed with fence and a sturdy pine frame ,this kids full bed offers a safe space . thanks to the semi-enclosed space, your kids will have their own sleeping space that affords a comforting atmosphere for better sleep.
    • 【easy assembly 】78” x 57.4” x 76.8”(l x w x h). weight capacity: no limit. this wood full bed frame will come in 1 package with clear instructions and each accessory part ,so the kids house bed frame is easy to assemble without taking too much time.customers’ satisfaction is our top priority, please contact us if you have any questions.
    • 【 house bed for kids】this imaginative bed is equipped with a featuring roof and fence,uniquely shaped guardrail adds charm and character to kid’s bedroom. you can not only decorate this wood twin size bed frame with your kids, but also can put tents on, so your kids will have their own private space.
    • 【high quality wooden floor bed frame】the full-size family bed adopts a solid pine frame, which can improve stability and durability. the floor bed is the best choice for the transition from the crib. at the same time, the four sides of the bed are equipped with protective railings to prevent children from falling down accidentally and ensure their safety when playing or...
    • 【buy with confidence】 guarantee: 100% customer satisfaction; it will take 2-7 days to arrive; product warranty period is one years. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our experienced customer service team will response in 24 hour
  5. Product Highlights
    • Multiple materials filling: the secret of soft but supportive was this: five-layer construction: surface + microfiber fill + memory foam + microfiber fill + surface. the surface was premium high thread count fabrics; the second layer is softness layer, 550gsm whole piece microfiber fill; the core layer is support layer, 4 inches memory foam. five-layer construction make...
    • Multi-functional mattress: this mattress pad could be used as bedroom futon mattress, floor mattress, carpet, tatami pad, also could be guest bed or tent mattress, mattress topper, mattress pad.
    • Soft but supportive: generally, softness and support, these two attributes are at odds with each other, the soft mattress often lacking support, when you lie down you will sink in and feel the floor, but a firm mattress, it’s support but rock hard, if you sleep for a long time back pain is inevitable. but this special floor mattress that combine superior back support wi...
    • Easy to store and carry: come with 1 pair of bandage, 1 storage bag, for better storage and carrying, the foldable tatami floor mattress allows you to get a comfortable sleep wherever you go. perfect for small apartments and tight spaces, effectively save living space and move easily. you can easily fold it and put in the included storage bag when you don't need it. eas...
    • Tips: as the tight packed, before first use, leave the floor mattress flatly in a well-ventilated area for 48-72 hours and pat it gently to help it expanded. time will bring the thickness, fabric and wrinkle to original shape. please give time a little time.
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Floor Beds Buying Guide

Floor beds have become extremely popular in North America in recent years. They are the recommended sleeping arrangements for children whose parents follow the Montessori school of child-rearing. At the same time, they have become more and more popular for adults and people of all ages.

Floor beds offer some advantages over traditional Western beds. Indeed, many Asian countries have been using floor beds as the standard type of bedding for hundreds of years now. Learn more about floor beds, their pros and cons, and some online retailers that sell floor beds in this introductory guide.

What is a Floor Bed?

A floor bed is a bed on the floor. It’s that simple. Really, in practice, this means a basic mattress or some other form of padding, placed directly on the floor. This is in contrast to traditional beds that have bed frames and then may have a box spring, slats, or other support mechanisms below the mattress.

It’s also in stark contrast to the normal sleeping arrangements with babies and young children, where they are first put in a crib, and then later onto a bed with guards/rails or bumpers, to keep children from falling off the crib or bed and injuring themselves.

With a floor bed, there is no risk of a fall, since the distance between the bed and the floor is negligible. This makes them extremely popular with young children and babies and is one of the main reasons why they are pushed as the default bedding choice in Montessori child rearing.

Top Sites to Buy a Floor Bed

To buy a floor bed, you can buy a traditional mattress and place it on the floor, or more specialized floor beds that are designed specifically for that purpose. You can also utilize air mattresses and other similar bedding technology. Many of these kinds of floor bed options are available from major online retailers, as highlighted below.


Wayfair is a major online store selling furniture and home goods items of all types. They offer free shipping and have a wide range of choices in their catalog of options. Traditional mattresses, air mattresses, and other kinds of floor beds are all available in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and sizes. Prices range from very affordable to a bit more expensive depending on brand, quality, and style.


Amazon offers incredibly low prices on many tens of thousands of items. While traditionally a bit lacking in the large home furnishings department, floor beds are an exception to that rule. Likely owing to the fact that they are largely compact (compared to a traditional bed and bed frame), you’ll find more options for floor beds on Amazon than for many other styles of beds or bed furniture.


Though online marketplace eBay is mostly synonymous with selling old collectibles, vintage records, keepsakes, and other “garage sale/swap meet” kinds of items; they’ve worked hard in recent years to develop a robust set of marketplace vendors.

Much like non-Amazon sellers who sell through Amazon, these sellers often offer new, unopened merchandise – sometimes direct from manufacturers – but at a discounted price. Inventory is changeable, and your options may be limited from day to day, but it’s worth a look – you might just score a great deal on a floor bed.


US retail kingpin Walmart has an extensive online catalog, reflective of almost everything they stock in their stores, as well as offerings from third-party sellers. Indeed, their furniture offerings in some areas online far exceed what is usually available in stores. Floor beds and beds of all types can be readily found on Walmart in most regions of the US, and usually at competitively low prices, as is the Walmart way.


Swedish furniture giant IKEA has made a name for itself in Europe, North America, and elsewhere as one of the go-to choices when consumers need a furniture product. They offer several floor bed options, ranging from the affordable DIY style that is synonymous with IKEA, to higher-end options that cost a bit more. They have one of the most extensive collections of furniture choices on the planet, so they’re always worth some online searching to see what’s available.

Important Features

Is Sleeping on the Floor Healthier?

Many people believe that sleeping on the floor is, in general, healthier in many respects. By sleeping on the ground, mattresses or sleeping pads on a floor bed don’t sag and cradle you the same way a traditional bed does. T

His means your body rests more flatly and is more evenly supported. This can help improve blood circulation throughout your body, as well as relieve and prevent the development of neck, shoulder, and back pain. Many pregnant women who have tried floor beds find they often have less hip and joint pain as well.

At the same time, there are tradeoffs. For those with allergies or breathing problems, floor beds can be problematic, as they often increase the amount of dust, danger, and other household irritants that you are exposed to on a regular basis. And, obviously, sleeping on the floor may be unrealistic for older individuals, who have trouble getting in and out of a raised bed, and would find rising from a floor bed nearly impossible.

Are Floor Beds Safe?

For both adults and young children, floor beds are largely quite safe. Indeed, in the case of babies and infants, floor beds are seen as safer than cribs, the other traditional option, because there is no risk of dangerous, potentially deadly falls.

At the same time, parents can feed their child on a floor bed, with minimal fuss and adjustment. They can sleep in the floor bed with the baby, or on an adjacent floor bed, without issue. This improves the quality of sleep that adults with newborns and young children can get, and helps keep the child safe from falls or excessive disruption to their own sleep.

What are the Benefits of a Floor Bed?

Floor beds, in addition to the aforementioned reduced fall risk for children, and potential pain relief and circulation improvement for adults, also have other benefits. In the case of infants and toddlers, floor beds can allow them to be more independent and self-entertaining.

If they awake from a nap or sleep, they can crawl around and play with toys on the floor, and not rely on crying to wake a parent to remove them from their crib. This can also increase the quality and quantity of sleep that parents can get – something that is precious and critical during the first few years of a newborn’s life.

What are the Negative Aspects of a Floor Bed?

At the same time, there are some negatives associated with floor beds. Increased respiratory issues, due to exposure to dust and other debris in the home, is more likely when sleeping on a floor bed vs. a traditional bed. Likewise, you’re more vulnerable to insects, rodents, and other pets that might be in the home.

Proper cleaning of the home and remediation of any insect or rodent problems can eliminate these negatives. That only leaves the unsuitability of floor beds for the elderly or those with limited mobility as a functional negative aspect of floor beds. Otherwise, they’re quite neutral or positive as compared to traditional bed choices.


Sleeping on a bed on the floor may seem strange to some Westerners at first, but many Asian cultures have been doing just that without issue for hundreds of years. The benefits to health, as well as the safety and independence factors for toddlers and young children, are numerous, concrete, and logical.

Floor beds can also be inexpensive compared to traditional beds, take up less room in the home, and even offer cooler and more comfortable sleeping conditions, especially in summer months. Whether or not a floor bed is right for you, your child or your whole family is a choice that is ultimately up to you as a consumer to make. But now, you can do it based on facts and information as presented above in our guide.

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