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Jasonwell Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Floatie Ride On with Fast Valves Large Rideable Blow Up Summer Beach Swimming Pool Party Lounge Raft Decorations Toys Kids Adults


Best Value

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Aqua Original 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool Float & Water Hammock – Multi-Purpose, Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults – Patented Thick, Non-Stick PVC Material – Navy

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FUNBOY Giant Inflatable Luxury Yacht Speed Boat Pool Float, Two Cupholders, Luxury Float for Summer Pool Parties and Entertainment

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39% off

Jasonwell Inflatable Avocado Pool Float Floatie with Ball Water Fun Large Blow Up Summer Beach Swimming Floaty Party Toys Lounge Raft for Kids Adults

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Aqua Campania Ultimate 2 in 1 Recliner & Tanner Pool Lounger with Adjustable Backrest and Caddy, Inflatable Pool Float, Teal Hibiscus (AZL14856)

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Aqua Campania Ultimate 2 in 1 Recliner & Tanner Pool Lounger with Adjustable Backrest and Caddy, Inflatable Pool Float, Navy Hibiscus (AQL14856AZ)

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Intex Rockin' Inflatable Lounge, 74" X 39"

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Aqua Original 4-in-1 Monterey Hammock Pool Float & Water Hammock – Multi-Purpose, Inflatable Pool Floats for Adults – Patented Thick, Non-Stick PVC Material – Light Blue

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FUNBOY Giant Inflatable Luxury Clear Pink Mesh Lounger Water Hammock Pool Float, Perfect for a Summer Pool Party

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JOYIN Giant Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float, Fun Pool Floaties, Swim Party Toy, Summer Pool Raft (1 Pack), Extra Large with Cup Holders

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Samuel GilmourSamuel Gilmour

Foam Pool Floats--A Way to Expand Your Summer Fun Options

A foam pool float is a useful accessory, whether you intend to use it at the pool or at the beach. There are beach saddles, hammocks, kickboards, pool noodles, and more. Some are designed to keep just your head above water, while the rest of you cools off, submerged in the water to escape the heat. Others are designed to let you lounge around, as if you’re on a couch. Depending on the design, you can choose to relax on these pool floats while sunning yourself, or while reading a book or partaking of a drink in a built-in cup holder.


What are Different Kinds of Foam Pool Floats You Can Buy for Summer?

Foam pool floats have the advantage of never needing to be inflated—that saves time and effort. On the other hand, they might give you problems when trying to transport them from one place to another. Let’s look at a few versions of foam pool floats:

Beach saddles

These are foam floats with a narrow center so that you can straddle them. An example is the Beach Bronco Saddle, which weighs only 8 ounces, yet can support a person of up to 220 pounds. It’s not enough to keep you on the water’s surface, but you can paddle around a pool or lake effortlessly. There is also the Nekdoodle, which you can wear around your neck. It keeps your head above water,


These are foam floats with a cushioned headrest and footrest. This allows most of your body to cool off in the water, while your feet and head are supported. An example is the Deluxe Aqua Hammock Pool Float.


These are designed to help beginning swimmers improve the strength of their kicks. They can be either half-size or full-size so that you can support most of your body on the board.

Pool noodles

These consist of hollow foam tubes, which can be used individually as a flotation device to help a person to learn how to swim, or can be tied together into a raft by means of noodle connectors.

What Reviewers Have to Say

Why Should You Get One for this Hot Summer?

There are several reasons why you should treat yourself to a foam pool float:


As I said in the introduction, some floaties provide a range of relaxation which you just can’t experience on the dry land.


These pool floats come in many shapes and different sizes, and there is hardly any shortage of floats to keep the fun alive.


Instead of going to a tanning salon, a foam pool float will give you a way to soak in some rays naturally.


Foam pool floats are available in a variety of forms and colors—if you get an assortment, you can convert a drab pool into a lively eye-catching mix of hues.


Pool floats, apart from their name, they can be used in lakes, rivers, or beaches. There are even pool floats for plus-sized individuals—depending on the size, they can easily hold 270 pounds or more!

Important Features

What Features Should You Look for in a Foam Pool Float?


Avoid models made from cheap plastic. Even though they may be cheap, these are prone to punctures and holes. The plastic also heats up after being exposed to sunlight for a few hours. It is then recommended to choose foam pool accessories with a foam core covered in vinyl. Even when pierced or punctured, these foam rafts remain strong and durable. In addition, the material's thinness makes it possible to store these rafts in smaller spaces.

Adequate Length

When selecting a foam pool float that you want to use to lay back and relax, ensure that it’s long enough to support your entire frame. For example, if you get the Fluid Aquatic Ultra Luxury Pool Float, you’ll notice that it is 74 inches long and 26 inches wide, with a built-in headrest. It will also support people of over 200 pounds in weight, without any concern of sinking. On the other hand, the California Sun Deluxe Oversized Unsinkable Triple Ply Foam Cushion Pool Float measures 86 inches in length, and its multiple layers of polyfoam give it more buoyancy.

Adequate Thickness

Thicker foam pool floats will have less of a tendency to sag or sink under a person’s weight. For example, the Fluid Aquatic is 2.25 inches in thickness. That ensures extra buoyancy, so it will support even an adult.

Vinyl Coating

The best foam pool floats have a vinyl coating, which protects the foam. Without this vinyl coating, the float is more prone to chipping or cracking, which will ruin its appearance. As a side benefit, some pool floats will also feature a built-in drink holder (called a "cozy" or "koozie", depending on whether you're American or Australian).

UV Protected

Many pool floats are provided with protection against UV so that they won’t fade from sun exposure. They should also be resistant to chlorine, saltwater, and mold or mildew.


Many pool floats are reversible, with one smooth side, which is more comfortable for reclining, and one textured side, which provides some friction so that you don’t slip.

Accesories and Features

When choosing the right pool float, functionality and comfort features are also important. Extras like cup holders, pillows, footrests, armrests, and headrests can be added. Several of these features are built into the structure of the float, while others can be added separately.

Weight and Dimensions

It is important to choose a product that will be able to support your weight. It is also a must to consider the dimensions. Floating on a float that is too compact may not be as comfortable as you would like. A float that is too large for a small pool would also be a bad idea, as the bulky float will constantly bump and scratch against the wall.

Top-Rated Brands

SwimWays Aquaria Pineapple Breeze Lounge - Durable Aqua Cell Foam Pool Float

  • This pool float is made from closed-cell foam. It is resistant to the chipping and peeling which is common with other foam floats. It is suitable for both saltwater as well as chlorine pools;

  • The entire material is permeated with color, so even if the surface wears down over time, it will still retain its original color.

  • It measures 75” x 29” x 2”, and can support up to 250 lbs.

SwimWays Aquaria Foam Pool Float

TRC Recreation Splash Pool Float

  • This is made from closed-cell foam and has a glossy vinyl coat so that the finish will not wear down over time.

  • Extra big size at 70 x 26 x 1.25 inches, and a comfortable headrest.

  • The material can resist scrapes and tears

TRC Recreation Splash Pool Float

Texas Recreation Sunray 1.25” Thick Foam Pool Mattress

  • Made from top-quality vinyl-coated, durable foam.

  • The attached pillow lends buoyancy and supports your neck and head.

  • Foam is resistant to bacteria and is easy to clean from chlorine or saltwater

Texas Recreation Sunray 1.25” Thick Foam Pool Mattress

SPEEDPURE Pool Foam Float

  • Made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (= EVA) copolymer, which gives it longevity, yet also softness.

  • The material gives adequate cushioning, as well as heat insulation and moisture resistance.

  • It has an elastic pillow cushion for extra comfort.

Speedpure Pool Foam Float

Final Verdict

Foam pool floats have definite advantages over inflatable floats. You don’t have to spend time inflating and then deflating them afterward. You also don’t have to worry about the float getting punctured by a sharp object or air leaking out during use. (If you have a dog, even if it decides to take a bite, you can still use a foam float. With an inflatable float, that’ll be the end of it!) They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, which you can buy to treat your family or guests at a pool party.