10 Best Gnc Whey Protein Powders of February 2020

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Your Guide to Buying the Best Gnc Whey Protein Powder

Protein powders are popular among muscle builders. If you visit the gym, you've probably heard guys talk about their favorite protein shakes. Outside the gym, protein powders are used by athletes and generally everyone with the goal of gaining muscles.

You can find the powders in nutritional stores, in some pharmacy shops and all over the Internet. In some stores, the shakes are sold already pre-mixed. You just have to take them and work out a little bit to gain muscles.

There are seven main types of powder shakes. Egg proteins are the easiest to digest. Pea protein is popular among vegetarians because it’s made from the legume pea. But the most common types of protein powder is whey.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey comes from milk. It is made by processing milk to remove the curd used to make cheese. The remaining liquid is further processed to form a concentrate or isolate. Whey protein is rich in amino acids, bodybuilding organic compounds.

While you could consume dairy products and get the same amino acids, your body takes longer to break down food contents. Taking GNC whey protein powder means your body absorbs the nutrients immediately without digesting anything. You gain muscles fast and avoid storing the multiple calories found in protein-giving foods.

Why do you need GNC Protein Powders?

Milk gives you two types of protein: whey and casein. The latter makes up 80% of milk components while the former 20%. According to research, whey increases muscle growth among younger people 31% better than casein. Among older users, the proteins have almost the same benefits.

There are many ways you could benefit from GNC protein powder among them being:

High-Quality Protein

Protein is essential in keeping our bodies healthy. But at times, finding the best foods for protein can be difficult. GNC whey protein isolate contains the important components of protein giving foods. Whey gives the body amino acids, the building blocks for muscles. As opposed to eating meat or drinking milk, whey gives your body what is required to build muscles and leaves out everything else.

Amino acids are also absorbed directly from the gut without undergoing the whole digestion process. You can get the essential nutrients from any type of whey: concentrate, isolate or hydrolysate.

Fast Muscle Growth

The best GNC protein powder contains special types of amino acids that lead to fast muscle building. Since your body absorbs whey directly, the product’s benefits are realized fast. Taking a dose of whey regularly leads to faster and better muscle growth. Whey is also beneficial to people with weight loss problems.

Whether due to age or health, the top-rated protein powder GNC can help your body build muscles. If you are feeling old and your muscles have become weak, take some whey. Your body will slow down the aging process and make you look younger for longer.

Lowers Cholesterol and Fights Diseases

GNC optimum nutrition reduces cholesterol significantly especially when backed with regular exercising. In one study done in the UK, whey protein helped to reduce cholesterol faster than casein and other types of protein. At the same time, the bodybuilding product helps build the body immune system.

Whey contains anti-cancer properties according to a study published in the Anticancer Research journal. The protein also boosts immune among children suffering from asthma. People living with HIV/AIDS are able to avoid weight loss by regularly ingesting the whey. Although more research is needed, whey also helps reduce blood pressure add the immune response to people with cardiovascular diseases.

Keeps you Full for Longer

Whey protein is a high-satiety food. Like many fiber-rich foods, the best protein powder GNC keeps you feeling satisfied for long. If you have a high appetite that leads you to eat unhealthy carbs, consider using whey. The protein also helps your gut by providing good bacteria like the ones needed to absorb iron. It also increases insulin response, which is highly beneficial for people with diabetes type two.

Important Features

What makes the Best GNC Whey Protein Powder?

100% Whey

As aforementioned, there are up to seven types of protein powder. Whereas some of them take longer to be absorbed, some don't have the amino acids whey provides. Choose a product that contains 100% whey powder. If it contains other products, they should be in minimal proportions. The presence of sodium, sugar, and carbs in your GNC whey products may add nutrients, but it's whey you are after.

A 100% GNC whey protein isolate offers the best value for money. You get a product with only the proteins needed to strengthen your muscles. 


Each whey powder container packs a specific amount of proteins. The price differs depending on the number of grams packed. An average whey powder container packs between 25 grams and four kilograms of protein. Decide how many weeks you want to consume the powder and purchase a proportional amount.

Taste and Coloring

Pure whey tastes awful. GNC lists their powders based on the amount of whey used, how it’s packed and the additives in it. Most compounds contain sugar to give the powder an edible taste. Some add the strawberry scent, vanilla or anything else that improves the taste. Read reviews to find out what people say about the powder’s taste to ensure you are not disappointed after purchasing the product.

What makes GNC the Best Whey Protein Powders brand?

Highly purified, clinically proven and great taste are some of the reasons most whey powder customers buy GNC. If you want 100% whey, GNC lists a wide range of powders that contains nothing else but whey. If you are okay with enhancers, the brand provides products with additional nutrients to give your body the nutrients it requires. GNC powders also provide superior performance. The amino acids in their powders are absorbed fast and have almost no side effects.


Whey is one of the most popular types of protein. It is sold as an isolate, concentrate or hydrolysate. Irrespective of how you consume it, whey provides essential amino acids that add strength to your body. Whey is absorbed directly from your gut, which is why it results in faster muscles gained. The protein powder also offers numerous nutritional benefits to people of all ages.

If you decide to purchase the isolate, buying from a respected producer is essential. GNC provides clinically approved powder products at great prices. You can get 100% whey products or select powders with other additives.

Thank you for reading our whey protein guide above. Welcome to our website for more reviews and guides to products you use on a daily basis.

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