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Best Peloton compatible shoesFrom leading brands and best sellers available on the web.


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Unisex Cycling Shoes Compatible with pelaton Indoor Road Bike Shoes Riding Shoes for Men and Women Delta Cleats Clip Outdoor Pedal, (All Black, M7.5)

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Unisex Road Bike Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD Bike Riding Shoes for Men Women, 3 Straps, Pre-Installed Delta Cleats for Indoor Outdoor Cycling Biking Size 5.5 (White-Pink)

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Tommaso Pista 100 Indoor Cycling Shoes for Women: Peloton Bike Compatbile with Pre-Installed Look Delta Cleats - Perfect for Spin Bike & Road Bike Use - Peleton Shoes Indoor Bike Shoe - Pink Delta 41

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kushike Road Bike Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Shimano SPD Bike Riding Shoes for Men's and Women,Indoor Cycling Shoes Women,Spinning Shoes for Women Indoor cycling-11.5-2106Ayellow

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Venzo Bicycle Men's Road Cycling Riding Shoes - 3 Straps - Compatible with Delta for Shimano SPD & Look ARC Delta - Perfect for Road Racing Bikes White Color 46

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Tommaso Strada 100 Indoor Cycling Shoes For Men: Peloton Bike Compatible With Pre-Installed Look Delta Cleats, Perfect for Spin Bike & Road Bike, Peleton Shoes With Delta Clips, Bike Shoe SPD Delta 42

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15% off

Venzo Bicycle Men's Road Cycling Riding Shoes - 3 Straps - Compatible with Look Delta & for Shimano SPD-SL - Perfect for Road Racing Bikes Black Color 50

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Unisex Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Bike Indoor Road Bike Shoes Riding Shoes with Pre-Installed Delta Cleats for Mens and Women, Clip Indoor Outdoor Bike Pedal - 3 Straps Size 11.5, Black

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Unisex Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Bike Shoes, Road Bike Indoor Bicycle Riding Shoes with Pre-Installed Delta Cleats for Men and Women Clip in Indoor Outdoor Pedal Size 11.5 All Black

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ULTIANT Cycling Shoes Mens Womens Compatible with Peloton Road Bike Cycling Shoes with Look Delta Cleats Indoor Outdoor Bicycle Riding Shoes(Black_Red,45)

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Yehudah PosnickYehudah Posnick

Peloton-Compatible Shoes--For Optimal Use of Your Stationary Bike

For people who are serious about bike riding, there are specialized cycling shoes for every type: biking on the road, for track racing, on a mountain bike, and even on a stationary bike. Stationary bikes made by Peloton and Flywheel use the Look Delta 3-hole cleats. (There are also 2-hole cleats by SPD, for other stationary bikes.) When you attach the cleats to the sole of the cycling shoe, the cleats let you lock your foot into the pedal of the stationary bike. This allows you to use all of the power of your leg movements into pedaling, without dissipating energy in unnecessary movements. You can buy bike shoes with the cleats for a Peloton bike, or attach them yourself.

But there are other considerations as well: You want to look at the comfort and support that a bike shoe offers, as well as whether it’s made from a breathable material, that has proper ventilation. We’ll discuss these and other specs, to help you decide on the right shoes for your Peloton bike. We'll help you:

  • Choose the right type of Peloton-compatible shoes for your preferences,

  • See useful tips about that particular type of Peloton-compatible shoes,

  • Read reviews of different Peloton-compatible shoes, and what customers are saying,

  • Select the right brand of Peloton-compatible shoes, and

  • Compare prices and find the best deals.


  • With cleats: There are Peloton-compatible shoes that come with the cleats already attached. An example is the Venzo Bicycle Men’s Road Cycling Shoes.

  • Purchase cleats separately: There are options to buy cycling shoes without the cleats, and purchase the cleats separately. This is convenient if you want cleats for different cycles, or with a different amount of float off the pedals. An example is the Nike SuperRep Cycling Shoes.

What Reviewers Have to Say

  • Can you ride a Peloton without cleats?: It’s not recommended to use a Peloton bike without the special lock-in cleats. This is because the pedals are not flat--and your foot may slip off the pedal, getting your legs scraped or bruised.

  • Customized for your preferences: There are shoes made by Peloton for their stationary bike--but people who buy their own shoes say that they found something that isn’t as thick and heavy, and functions just as well on the Peloton bike. So, that’s a major advantage to choosing your own pair of Peloton-compatible shoes.

Important Features

  • Float of different cleats: A biking shoe for the Peloton cycle has special cleats in the sole, to help it lock into the Pelaton’s pedal. But there are different types of cleats that you can attach to these special shoes, which allow your foot to pedal at an angle. The company Look Delta makes red cleats that give you a 9-degree float off of the pedal. Their gray cleats give you a 4.5-degree float, and their black cleats are perfectly flat, offering no float. Other companies, like Shimano and Speedplay, give even more options of angles. Doctors are divided as to whether your foot should be at an angle with the pedal. The most important thing is that you pedal comfortably, and also that your feet don’t move around needlessly while pedaling, because that will cause you to not use the maximum amount of power while pedaling.

Look Delta System 9-Degree Float Cleats

  • Velcro straps or laces: Most bike shoes use Velcro straps, so that they fit to your foot perfectly, without applying too much pressure. You can find shoes with 3 Velcro straps, or 2 Velcro straps and a buckle, or with shoelaces.

  • Getting the right size: It’s a challenge to get the size that’s right for you, since EU and US sizes are different. It’s best to consult the manufacturer’s size chart, to find which size is most appropriate for you, after measuring the length of your foot.

  • Inserting the clip into the pedal: You can clip your feet into the pedals by first bringing a pedal to the 6-o’clock position. You then insert the toe-end of the cleat into their slot. Level your foot, and insert the heel end of the cleat into the rear slot. Wiggle your shoe in the pedal, to make sure that it fits snugly.

  • Unclipping your foot from the pedal: To get your foot out of the pedal, turn your heel outwards with moderate force. It should release your foot from the pedal. You can also try pressing on the resistance knob, which stops the pedals from moving, which will help you unclick yourself from the pedals. Peloton says not to loosen the tension screws on the pedals, since it can break the pedals.

  • Dry out the shoes regularly: The best Peloton shoes employ mesh panels, so that there is proper ventilation that lets the moisture evaporate out. It’s recommended to dry out your shoes after you finish pedaling. This will extend their lifetime since there’s less of a chance of developing bacteria or mold.

Top-Rated Brands

  • The Venzo Bicycle Men's Road Cycling Riding Shoes come with special attachments to convert them into cleats that fit into the pedals of a Peloton exercise bike at a 9-degree angle. They have a stiff sole, and you can position the exact placement of the Look Delta cleats for maximum comfort and the best performance. The shoe also offers thermal insulation and has a removable sock liner and a beveled heel that makes it ideal for running.

Venzo Bicycle Men's Road Cycling Riding Shoes

  • The Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Cycling Shoe is specially designed for the Peloton, with Look Delta cleats and a wrench for installation. The upper is made of synthetic leather and has mesh to allow airflow to cool your feet off. But they can also be used for road biking, fitness riding, or even just commuting to work. You can buy just the shoe, and select cleats that suit your bike’s pedals.

Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Cycling Shoe

  • The Vitatalpa Men’s Road Bike Cycling Shoes Peloton Shoe has an adjustable rotating buckle and Velcro straps to fit perfectly to your foot. It also has a shoelace that tightens by turning a knob. It is compatible with Peloton, Shimano, and SPD bikes, and is suitable for regular bike riding and mountain biking.

Vitatalpa Men’s Road Bike Cycling Shoes Peloton Shoe

  • The Nike Men’s Superrep Cycle Mens Indoor Cycling Shoe has a rubber sole for excellent traction, and adjustable Velcro straps to secure your feet in place. It has holes in the sole to accommodate all major types of systems of cleats. You simply lift out the foam insert and insole, install the clip, and put the foam insert and insole back in place.

Nike Men’s Superrep Cycle Mens Indoor Cycling Shoe