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Best Pocket UmbrellasFrom leading brands and best sellers available on the web.
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Cloudia Mini Umbrella for Purse, Portable and Compact Perfect for Rain and Sun with UV Protection (Beige)

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SY COMPACT Travel Umbrella Windproof Automatic LightWeight Unbreakable Umbrellas-Factory outlet umbrella (Black)

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GAOYAING Compact Travel Umbrella with Case Sun&Rain Lightweight Small and Compact Suit for Pocket Black,34 Inches

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BAODINI Travel Mini Umbrella for Purse With Case-Small Compact UV Protection Sun-Lightweight Tiny Pocket with Case Women, Girls

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Yoobure Small Mini Umbrella with Case Light Compact Design Perfect for Travel Lightweight Portable Parasol Outdoor Sun&Rain Umbrellas

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Moorrlii Travel Mini Umbrella for Purse With Case-Small Compact UV Umbrella Protection Sun-Lightweight Tiny Pocket Umbrella with Case for Women, Girls

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SIEPASA Windproof Travel Compact Umbrella-Automatic Umbrellas for Rain-Compact Folding Umbrella, Travel Umbrella Compact, Small Portable Windproof Umbrellas for Men Women Teenage. (Black)

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Goothdurs Mini Travel Compact Windproof Umbrella - Small Folding Lightweight Sun & Rain Umbrellas with 95% UV Protection for Women Men

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LONDON FOG Mini Rain Umbrella, Automatic Folding Umbrella, Windproof, Lightweight and Packable for Travel, Full 42 Inch Arc, Purple Tartan

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erised's bifrost

Mini Sun Travel Umbrella Ring handle Coating Layer Fabric Compact Folding Purse Umbrella/Lightweight Small Portable Backpack/Rain Sun/Blocking/Anti UPF 50 UV Protection 99.9% Men Women Kids

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Small Umbrellas with Big Features

Do you love adventure? Are you already planning another one? Then you could surely use a cute compact umbrella on your adventure: something that will bravely handle any weather--and look super-cool as well.

Compact umbrellas are made of a middle shaft and a folding frame that comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Just as the name suggests, these umbrellas are capable of folding down to a compact unit, comfortable and light enough to carry around.

Therefore, if you want to avoid bad weather putting a damper on your day while on your adventure, you will need the right compact umbrella. With so many now in the market, there are key elements that make the best compact umbrellas.

Below are a few vital elements you should check to ensure you are buying the right product, and that your trip won’t be ruined.

What Reviewers Have to Say

What are Some Desirable Features of Compact Umbrellas?

Automated mechanism

Compact umbrellas are known for their unique abilities to open and close the umbrella automatically. With just a button, the canopy can open and close with ease. Unlike the stick umbrellas which will rarely come with such awesome features, compact umbrellas are really the way to go. 

UV resistant canopies

The pocket umbrellas are perfect protectors from the strong sunlight. Most will come with a UV resistant feature that is quite useful as well. In case the sun gets too hot for you, you can quickly grab your compact umbrella and slay away. 

Strong and Lightweight

Another usual feature compact umbrellas are known for is their lightweight and sturdy material. They can fit in almost any bag and still be strong enough to shield you from the rain and sun. These features make them very portable and durable to own and use frequently.

Pros and Cons of Pocket Umbrellas


  • Portable – Very lightweight, and comfortable to carry around.

  • Durable – Built with strong material and a good number of ribs to withstand the wind, sun, and rain.

  • Easy to use – Built with an automatic open or close feature that makes it easy to escape the rain.


  • Less coverage – Has a relatively smaller diameter compared to the stick umbrella. Normally, can only accommodate one person adequately.

  • Relatively short and uncomfortable handle – Built with a short handle that may cause discomfort.

Important Features

What should you look for when buying a compact umbrella?


One of the main benefits of pocket umbrellas is, of course, the fact that they are portable. Again, they come in small sizes and hence can fit in almost any type of bag. Therefore, pay close attention to the size and shape of your favorite traveling bag.

Make sure your pocket umbrella has the right length, (preferably around 25 to 30 cm) and that the shape will also be easy for you to manage. Remember that you’re also seeking proper protection from your umbrella. Therefore, ensure the diameter of your umbrella is around 90 cm for sufficient coverage. It is 11.5” (= 29.21 cm) long, has 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs, and is 42” ( = 106.68 cm) in diameter when fully opened.


You must also look into strength before buying a compact umbrella. Checking the number of ribs that make up the umbrella is one way to ensure durability. Generally, the more the ribs, the longer your compact umbrella is likely to last. More ribs will form a sturdy frame structure that can easily handle the wind and rain without damage.


The price is also an issue that most of us cannot afford to ignore. Hence, you will need to compare the different compact umbrellas on sale to be on the safe side. Pick the best price for your needs, without compromising on quality and durability. It is essential to remember that quality is sometimes costly.


Lastly, compact pocket umbrellas come in various design mechanisms. Some, such as the EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella, will have an automated open-and-close, operated by just the press of a button. Others, such as the YUI Travel Mini-Umbrella, will require you to open and close the umbrella manually.

Whether you like the automated push-button mechanism, or would just prefer the usual open-and-close design is up to you. The push-button versions might give problems over time, however.

After a good amount of research, we came up with the top 5 best compact umbrellas of 2019 to make your work a little easier.

Top-Rated Brands

It’s worth mentioning that this list was carefully selected according to product rankings and their unique features.


EEZ-Y is made from an outstanding quality stainless steel and fiberglass that cannot easily break or rust. It has a solid shaft and consists of nine ribs, which are also made from fiberglass, that guarantee durability. It is an automated push-button compact umbrella that is very portable and small enough to fit into a handbag or backpack. Do not worry about having to replace or return the item--the manufacturer is ready to replace it if you have any issues.

EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella with a fully-automated push-button mechanism

Moreover, EEZ-Y is among the best compact umbrellas, because of its windproof design With their vented and double canopies, they allow wind to freely pass through without turning over, as most other umbrellas would do.


Fidus is among the few reinforced pocket umbrellas now in the market. They come with eight sturdy ribs—as opposed to six ribs, as in most umbrellas--that can easily avoid the risk of flipping inside-out due to the wind. This helps ensure durability. Moreover, they consist of an upgraded button design that is very easy to use.

These umbrellas are also made from a waterproof canopy cloth that can shield you from approximately 95 percent of the UV rays. Therefore, apart from the rain, they can also shield you from damaging sunlight.

The best part is, these compact umbrellas come in an ultra mini size, and are thus very lightweight to carry around wherever you wish.

Fidus Mini Compact Sun & Rain Travel Umbrella


The Prodigen umbrella also has distinctive features, with eight strong ribs and a windproof structure to withstand the wind and rain. Their umbrellas are very portable and provide a full canopy as well. Besides, they can also shield you from the dangerous UV rays on those sunny days. Unlike most compact umbrellas, expect a cool environment when sunny, and proper protection from the elements during the rainy days. 

Prodigen Travel Mini Umbrella

Repel Umbrella

The Repel Automatic Windproof Travel Umbrella is a tad more expensive, but it has features that make it worth the money. It has a Teflon coating to make it waterproof, and the automatic push-button mechanism opens and even closes the umbrella. What makes it even more distinctive is its 9-rib structure, which gives it the ability to survive stronger gusts. It is therefore very durable, light, and comfortable to carry around and store as you wish.

Repel Easy Touch Compact Umbrella


Simenmax compact umbrellas go the extra mile of reinforcing their eight ribs to ensure they can handle even intense windy days. They are very portable and have a very high-quality and wide canopy that can serve two people. They also use an automated mechanism that can allow you to quickly open and close the umbrella with ease. There is also a durable band loop you can use to hold your umbrella.

Simenmax Umbrella, with an open-close button

Final Verdict

Compact pocket umbrellas are convenient essentials when you go outdoors. From the portability to ease of use, you can be sure you are prepared in the event of a sudden change of weather so that you won't be stuck in a torrential downpour. Moreover, you can easily find one will not put a hole in your pocket. These umbrellas are worth it.