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Buffalo Games

35% off

Buffalo Games - Cinque Terre - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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The Two Million Dollar Puzzle by MSCHF - 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults, Last Day to Redeem 2/28/2024, Everyone is a Winner from $1 to $1 Million Dollars, Great Gift, Fun Family Activity

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Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 Piece - Dreamy Positano - Signature Collection Twilight Sea Sight Large Puzzle Game Artwork for Adults Teens

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Ravensburger Cozy Retreat 500 Piece Large Format Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults - 14967 - Every Piece is Unique, Softclick Technology Means Pieces Fit Together Perfectly


Best Value

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Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Construction Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box (48 pcs) - FSC-Certified Materials

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Ravensburger You Wild Animal 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults - 16807 - Every Piece is Unique, Softclick Technology Means Pieces Fit Together Perfectly

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Enovoe Jigsaw Puzzles 1000 Piece Puzzle for Adults and Kids - Premium Moraine Lake Alberta - Large, 27" x 20" - Puzzle for Kids Christmas Puzzles 1000 Pieces

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Buffalo Games

Star Wars - The Mandalorian - The Child - 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Buffalo Games

Buffalo Games - Simple Succulent - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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1000 Piece Puzzle, 101 Pooping Puppies, Dogs Pooping Puzzle, Perfect White Elephant Gag Gift, Funny Puzzle

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Jigsaw Puzzles--Stimulating, Challenging, and Fun!

Puzzles are fun for both kids and adults. This is a great way for the little ones to channel their energy into a more meaningful task, especially an activity that puts their brain to the test. Meanwhile, it is equally fun and stress-relieving for adults. Yes, it can be frustrating many times, but after solving jigsaw puzzles, you will feel a sense of accomplishment!

Looking for the best puzzles is not an easy task. You don’t just choose the cheapest. From the design to the number of pieces, there are many important considerations. Read this short guide and we’ll help you come up with the right decision.

What Reviewers Have to Say

Why Should You Consider Buying a Puzzle?

Here are some of the compelling reasons that might make you change your mind!

  • Good mental exercise: Regardless if it is a puzzle for kids or for adults, it will help keep the mind active. This will also be great in terms of improving memory and concentration. For some people, it can even be a form of meditation.

  • It's a good bonding activity: Whether you do it with your partner, friends, or family, among others, solving a puzzle is a good bonding activity. It is a great alternative to video games or board games, among other hobbies.

  • It helps in fine motor development: Puzzles can be useful for kids in improving fine motor skills. They will learn how to pinch, grip, and pick up the pieces of the puzzle.

  • It improves hand-eye coordination: This is another benefit of puzzles for kids. When they are exposed to puzzles at a young age, they will have better hand-eye coordination.

  • It improves self-esteem: Looking for an easy way to boost your confidence? Puzzles can help! You will feel fulfilled and rewarded after completing a puzzle. This sense of accomplishment will be great for your self-esteem.

Important Features

What Should You Look for When Buying Puzzles?

There are countless options for the best puzzles. To help you choose, here are the most important things to consider.

  • The number of pieces: One of the first things that you need to do is to consider the number of pieces. If it will be used by kids, look for fewer pieces. If you are looking for a challenge, on the other hand, there are puzzles with thousands of pieces!

  • Difficulty: Consider whether the puzzle will be for kids or adults to choose one based on the level of difficulty. If it is too difficult, this can end up being frustrating. Most manufacturers will indicate the difficulty rating and age recommendation. The most important is to make sure that it will be age-appropriate.

  • Design: This is important because it adds to the appeal of the puzzle. Especially if it is a large puzzle with thousands of pieces, some people decide to display the puzzle at home. If that’s the case, then make sure that it has an attractive design to spice up your space. You can also have custom puzzles featuring family vacation photos or any other design that you like.

  • Material: The most common material used for puzzles is cardboard. There are also some made of plastic. For novelty purposes, some puzzles are made of wood. Regardless of the material, make sure that it is non-toxic, in case toddlers will have a tendency to taste the pieces!

Top-Rated Brands

Top 5 Puzzles

The options for brain puzzles are endless. To help make things easier, below are five products that should be on your list.

Buffalo Games - Signature Collection - Cinque Terre - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are looking for one of the best puzzles for an adult, this is one product that deserves your attention. Inspired by the landscape of a beautiful Italian town, it has 1,000 pieces. If it is your first time trying a puzzle this size, this may not work for you. There is a bonus poster included, which will give you inspiration on how the finished output should look.

Buffalo Games - Marine Color - Tiny Bubbles - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This is also from Buffalo Games, like the other products that we are included in this list. It also has 1,000 pieces, which can be quite frustrating for most people to solve. This is perfect for those who love aquatic life since the finished product will feature turtles, fish, and bubbles underwater. It is made using high-quality materials, ensuring the durability of each piece of the puzzle.

Buffalo Games - Cats Collection - Beachcombers - 750 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Do you love cats? If yes, then you will love this puzzle as well! It features cats resting on the beach in its design. Each piece has been through a precision cutting technique, making it easy to snap or connect with the other pieces. Each piece will have a sound fit with the others, so you can expect that it won’t be as frustrating as a puzzle from second-rate materials.

Buffalo Games - Darrell Bush - Canoe Lake - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Looking for a challenging puzzle? With 1,000 pieces, this is a great choice for a brain teaser. Each piece will snap together perfectly, and they're made using high-quality materials. It uses recycled materials, and no plastics. Even the packaging is recycled. This isn’t only a fun puzzle but is also good for the environment.

Buffalo Games - Follow Your Nose - 300 Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

If you are looking for something simpler compared to the products mentioned above, this is an excellent alternative. It has larger pieces compared to a standard puzzle, which also means that it will be easier for most people to solve. It's geared towards dog lovers--with pictures of several breeds and their prominent snouts!

Final Verdict

Are you looking for an effective way to keep your children occupied, while also helping them improve their mental aptitude? Or maybe you're an adult looking for a good mental exercise while having fun at the same time? Then puzzles can be great--whether on your own or with your family and friends!