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Your Guide to Buying an Stereo Receivers Eric Hewitt

How should you choose a stereo receiver?

When it comes to sound, the device being used to play the sound is as important as the recording itself. There are many different types of stereo receivers available today with a wide range of features. Therefore, selecting the best stereo receiver can be a little confusing. After going through thousands of stereo receiver reviews, we have put together a few pointers to make your decision a little easier.

Important Features

What should you consider before buying a stereo receiver?

A stereo receiver basically separates the audio and video signals from your set-top box, DVD player, etc., and routes the audio signals to the speakers and video signals of the television. Stereo receiver models vary mainly in the number of channels offered, the power, the type of connections, and the convenience that they offer. Here is some information you should consider before making a purchase.

  • Check the number of channels: The number of channels available in a stereo receiver corresponds to the number of speakers it connects to. The basic requirement for surround sound is a 5-speaker system. Some stereo receivers have seven to nine channels, which allow you to expand your sound system beyond one room.

  • Check the power: The higher the power of your receiver, the higher the volume and the clearer the sound. However, not all manufacturers measure power according to the same standards, and hence pairing a receiver with the speakers may be a bit tricky.

  • Check the connections: Most receivers today come with adequate HDMI input slots, but when picking a stereo receiver, look for devices that offer wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and streaming features.

  • Ensure convenience: To make your life easier, pick a stereo receiver with an app that allows you to use a tablet or mobile phone as a remote device.

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